SAT Essay- How to Write

The redesigned SAT essay looks different from its earlier version. It has a different focus and it’s more rigorous. Instead of formulating your own argument, this writing task requires you to analyze another person’s argument. The argument takes between 650 and 750 words and you will have 50 minutes to write it. In short, you now have to describe the use of persuasive and stylistic elements, reasoning, and evidence in the argument.
Here is a guide on how to write SAT essay in 3 major steps:

  • Create a thesis statement
  • To write a great essay, focus on revealing how the author has built their argument. An ideal thesis statement for this essay should, therefore, provide a roadmap for the readers. It should answer the question- how has the author built his/her argument? That means before you start writing the essay, you must read the passage keenly. Read actively and note the main points of the author and how different parts of the argument relate to those points.
    Ideally, you must use as few words as possible to answer this question. Your thesis statement should, therefore, guide you in organizing the response. It should not tell whether you agree with the argument or not. Instead, it should focus on highlighting how the author uses logic, evidence, stylistic and persuasive elements in the essay. Note that, unlike with the previous version of this essay, the new version does not allow you to express a personal opinion on anything else apart from the use of rhetorical techniques and analysis. Perhaps, that’s why more students are seeking help with SAT essay.

  • Build an evidence trail
  • This might seem like the most challenging part of this task. However, it is not. Simply use your thesis statement as your guide of writing the body of your essay. Provide sufficient evidence in form of examples of instances where the author uses facts from reliable sources and evocative language. Also, analyze examples that you provide by showing how they support the overall objective of the author. Highlight stylistic devices like imagery and how they are used in the passage.
    Ideally, don’t just list examples in the body of your essay. Instead, elaborate them to support your thesis statement. Tell your readers what the author says, how they say it, its meaning, and how it relates to the entire passage. Indicate the facts that the author uses to support their main points. Basically, the new SAT version requires essay writers to use analysis as the connecting thread. Therefore, discuss the selected themes and why the author selected them. Do they make the essay weaker or stronger based on the provided evidence?

  • Write a strong conclusion
  • The conclusion should draw themes of your essay together. Writing a strong conclusion requires time. That’s because the conclusion should not just summarize your claims in the essay. Instead, it should be an integral part of the entire piece. It should remind readers what you told them while wrapping up the analysis in a coherent manner. The conclusion is your last chance to make a lasting impression on your readers. So, make it count.

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