What To Avoid When You Are Writing Your Essay

Before you graduate from the university or college, you will be required to write essay at least once or severally. For most students, writing is not an easy process. Unfortunately, learning institutions and professors don’t consider this. That’s why you may want to practice writing essays and sharpen your writing skills. Of course, you don’t want to learn from your mistakes. That’s precisely the reason you should learn things to avoid when writing essays or seek essay help online.
Things that great essay writers avoid while writing essays

  • Passive voice
  • Many instructors and professors frown upon a passive voice. We use the passive voice when an action’s object is made the subject o a sentence. Thus, whatever or whoever is performing an action is not the subject of a sentence. For instance, instead of asking, “Why did the chicken cross the road?” you ask “why was the road crossed by the chicken?” Avoid such sentences in your essays to impress instructors and professors.

  • Jargons
  • Essays are mostly quoted on talk pages. A newcomer may come across your write-up. Therefore, assume that someone that is unfamiliar with jargons in your field will read the essay and avoid jargons. This includes using short word forms rather than full words.

  • Cliché topic
  • The challenges that are associated with the process of selecting a topic are some of the reasons why many students seek help from the best essay writers. Basically, nobody wants to read an essay on a boring topic. In fact, many people decide whether to read an essay or not depending on its topic. Therefore, choose your topic wisely. You may write about sports, career ambitions or influence of your parents on your life. However, put a spin on the topic to make it livelier. Avoid generalities and speak vividly while trying to make the topic more personal.

  • Excessive overwhelming facts and information
  • Your essay should be detailed and meaningful. However, you should filter information carefully to choose the most important points only. You will be tempted to include all information from your research to make your essay complete and holistic. However, try to filter it to ensure that only the most relevant facts prove your main point.

  • Plagiarism
  • Plagiarism is a serious academic offense. It’s considered as cheating and it’s usually punished once detected. Clearly, you should avoid plagiarism to avoid putting your academic career at risk. Therefore, reference any source that you use to write your essay. If you can’t write an essay without committing this offense, seek help from experienced online essay writers.

  • Incomplete sentences
  • For a sentence to be completed, it must include a subject and a verb. Generally, it seems natural or straight forward. However, students use incomplete sentences while writing their essays. Usually, this mistake occurs when you start constructing a long or complex sentence and then you forget to finish it. For instance, you can write, ‘Modernization would not have occurred if social changes and political consolidation from imperial states to democracies.’ Clearly, this is an incomplete sentence.

  • Weak thesis
  • A strong thesis is important for any academic essay because it forms its foundation. A strong thesis is supposed to state your stance on the essay topic. It should be specific and capable of capturing the attention of the reader. A weak thesis does not serve this purpose. If you can’t craft a strong thesis for your essay, seek help from your instructor, friends or a reputable essay writer website.

It’s impossible to avoid essays in your educational journey. Avoiding these mistakes will make you a great writer and your college years less challenging. However, if you can’t avoid these mistakes no matter how hard you try, seek assistance. Talk to your colleagues, friends, instructor or sites that provide assistance to students whenever they say ‘help with my essay.”

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