SAT Essay Scores

Many students don’t know much about the SAT essay process and scores that they can get when seeking online help with essay. Basically, SAT stands for the Student Assistance Team. It’s a general education process that has been a West Virginia Legislation’s requirement since 1998. It is supported by the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. SAT is a formal school-based process that is designed to address various needs of students with academic performance, attendance, social or behavior issues that affect their progress in the overall education curriculum. Nevertheless, SAT process should not be seen as a referral process for special education only.

  • SAT essay writing
  • A SAT essay is a short assignment that requires students to analyze a passage and reveal how the author uses stylistic devices and reasoning to structure and support the main argument. Usually, students are required to complete the task within 50 minutes.
    After redesigning, SAT is currently scored on a 400 to 1600 point scale. On receiving your SAT score, you might not know whether to register for another test or to celebrate. Basically, this depends on your preferred college. That’s because a 1200 SAT score may be a great application asset in one college or university but an application liability in another university or college.

  • The process
  • Policy 2510 requires public schools to establish SAT that comprises of at least 3 individuals. These are a designee or school administrator, a current teacher, and a suitable professional staff. The school administrator serves as the chairperson. Referrals are made by the parents of the students, other students, staff members of the schools, and outside agencies like the Juvenile Justice System and medical doctors.
    You can register for SAT by mail, online, or by setting up a College Board account. Upon registration, you will receive an email with a sign in details and you get an online score report once the scores are ready.

  • Average SAT score
  • Many students want to know the average SAT score to determine whether they are great essay writers or they need assistance to improve their writing skills. The new SAT has two sections-one for Math and the other for Evidence-Based Reading and Writing with a score of between 200 and 800. The essay can be evaluated separately. The raw score is usually the sum of the questions that you answer accurately or correctly. The raw scores are basically converted into scaled scores and used to determine percentile ranks. This percentile shows how well you performed compared to other students. For instance, if your score lies in the 72nd percentile, it means you performed better than 72 percent of the other students.

Generally, the average SAT score for Math is 541 and that for Evidence-Based Reading and Writing is 543. If your score is close to the average, most universities and colleges will accept you especially if you have good grades. However, most selective schools will not consider you. Basically, you stand a better chance if your score is above average. On the other hand, a below average score is considered low by any four-year school. It also indicates that you may need essay help to improve.

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