How To Become A Better Essay Writer

When told to write an essay, some students panic because they consider this academic task a nightmare. However, smart students see this as an opportunity to shine. That’s because they know how to write interesting essays or seek essay help when they can’t write great essays for whatever reasons. Nevertheless, regardless of how smart you are, you are bound to come across an essay that will challenge your skills. That’s why you need to keep improving your essay writing skills by learning new techniques and tips.
Here are practical tips that will make you a great college essay writer:

  • Plan every essay before you write it
  • The first step of every essay writing process should be to understand the requirements, what you want to write, and how to write it. After reading the essay question, come up with a thesis and an outline that will enable you to form an argument that supports your thesis. The outline should provide a basic structure for your writing. It should include elements like the introduction, the body with several paragraphs that discuss supporting evidence, and the conclusion that wraps everything together while connecting to your thesis. The body should include at least three points that provide supporting evidence.

  • Read sample essays
  • Reading essays by other people will mold your writing style. Therefore, read as many samples as possible. Be critical while reading them and make sure that they are on different subjects, not just what you are interested in. Remember that different disciplines apply different styles and arguments. Thus, reading sample write-ups on different subjects will equip you with more writing techniques that you can apply in your writing. If you can’t get sufficient samples in your college, contact a reputable website that writes an essay.

  • Enhance your understanding of style, grammar, and punctuation
  • Having a credible style, grammar and punctuation will enable readers to understand and take your writing seriously. Take time to learn about proper pronoun and article usage, subject and verb agreement, and sentence structures. Learn how to use common punctuation marks and the right voice in every write-up. Make sure that you have a concise language, an active voice and a stronger tone.

  • Learn words that develop strong arguments
  • To become a great essay writer, you must have excellent diction. That’s because using the right words makes you sound more intelligent. It also enables you to develop a strong argument without repeating yourself. When you improve your vocabulary, you avoid overusing words in your essays and instead, use different words to guide readers and present your argument succinctly.

  • Support arguments with critically analyzed evidence
  • Every essay must have an argument and supporting evidence. Although you may be tempted to go off-track, doing so will make your essay less concise. Therefore, focus on presenting critically analyzed evidence that supports your main argument in the body of the essay. Always ask yourself, ‘does this sentence support my thesis?’ If you answer no, delete that sentence. Be thorough and critical when evaluating evidence. Ideally, support your thesis with the strongest research possible. Every sentence should be clearly connected to your argument and topic.

  • Learn to write a strong conclusion
  • One of the things that make the best essay writers stand out is their ability to write strong conclusions for their write-ups. The conclusion should tie the argument or research together while proving the stated thesis. It should not just restate the introduction. Instead, it should outline key evidence that was discussed while tying it to the stated thesis. It should show how the evidence proved the main argument.

Trying these tips will eventually make you one of the smartest essay writers in your college. Nevertheless, don’t hesitate to seek help with your essays if necessary.

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