How to Start Your Essay

Any great essay writer knows how to start an essay. That’s because the introduction or the beginning of an essay is a very important section of this write-up. It is the section where you capture the attention of your readers, introduce your topic, and present your thesis or your stance on the essay topic. Therefore, when you know how to start an essay you can always start it on a positive note.

Here are some of the techniques that you can use to write essay introduction:

  • Start with a question
  • Starting an essay with a question entices the reader. It makes them want to know your answer to that question. Generally, humans are curious creatures. A question raises curiosity while exciting the reader to read beyond the first sentences of your essay. To use this technique to start this writing task, come up with a question that acts like a teaser. That’s a question that gives a hint to build the reader’s anticipation. A question like “Why Don’t I Support Any Football Team?” provides an effective and interesting way to start an essay.

  • Start with an intriguing statement
  • Just like a question, an intriguing statement is interesting in itself. It tells readers just a portion of the larger story. This builds anticipation while raising curiosity. An intriguing statement grabs the attention and interest of the reader and this makes it a great tool in essay writing. On reading an intriguing statement, a reader will definitely want to read your work to learn more. An intriguing statement like “I Dislike Taking a Shower” raises the reader’s curiosity. The reader will definitely wonder what sort of a person dislikes taking a shower and why. They will be drawn into reading the rest part of the write-up just to find out more.

  • Start with a quote
  • You can also start your writing by quoting a famous person. However, to make your essay unique, try to put a twist on this approach. For instance, you can use a famous person’s quote in a different context, contradict the quote, or use a surprising quote. This will make the introduction of your write-up unique, interesting, and captivating.

  • Start where your conflict or action begins
  • This is another great way to start an essay when you want to tell a story. However, you must be careful when using this approach. That’s because you need to bring in something interesting that makes the reader want to read on. Many experts that write essay online know how to locate something interesting in a story when using this approach. They know where the action or conflict starts and how to use this to start their write-ups.

For instance, “The noise got louder and scary. Right there and then, I knew I was done. I closed my eyes praying for divine intervention…” After reading these sentences, the reader will imagine what was happening and before they know it, they will already be captivated to read on. Such an introduction uses both mental conflict and physical action.

If you need help to use any of these approaches in your essay, get in touch with your teacher, professor, instructor, friends, or one of the best essay services online.

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