SAT Essay Tips

Writing a SAT essay should be easy because the task requires you to simply read an editorial or speech and discuss how its author builds their argument. Your goal is basically to come up with a well-structured, detailed analysis of the provided passage. The format for this essay is traightforward. You just need tips and practice to write an awesome essay. Here are practical tips that will make you a great SAT essay writer:

  • Stay objective
  • The new version of this academic task does not provide room for personal opinions. That means you should not provide your opinion about the text or topic of the provided passage. Therefore, maintain an objective tone and a formal style while writing. Avoid “you” and “I” in your essay.

  • State a clear thesis
  • SAT essays should include precise, clear central claims. This implies that your essay should have a clear argument that is easy for the readers to identify. To come up with a thesis statement, identify the main point or idea of the passage and methods that the author has used to support it. In most cases, SAT provides the main idea of the passage. That means you don’t have to struggle to find it.

  • Understand the position of the author
  • This means you must read the passage keenly to understand the argument. Don’t rush to write after understanding just the topic and forming an opinion about it. Instead, think about the message that the author wants to put across. How do they convey the message? How does the author use transition words and evocative language? How does this contribute to their overall stance? Also consider what the author uses to support their main claim. Do they provide persuasive and relevant evidence in a clear manner? Does the argument have specific weak or strong points? Always bear in mind that this form of essay writing requires you to analyze the provided passage carefully and reveal how the author builds an argument.

  • Plan how to write your essay
  • Proper planning enables you to answer the actual question without going off-truck. Therefore, outline the response that you intend to give. Ideally, come up with an outline that enables you to provide and reference evidence from the passage by showing how it supports the main claim. The outline should enable you to discuss different ways through which the author employs reasoning in developing the argument. It should also enable you to address the use of rhetorical and stylistic devices in the passage to engage and convince readers.

  • Be concise and dense
  • Your essay should be packed with great stuff. Many students seek help with SAT essay because they are unable to pack all necessary information in three pages. However, if you plan your essay properly, you will come up with a great essay without using filler words or being redundant. You also have to make your handwriting smaller if it’s large.

If you follow these tips and practice writing this essay, you will most likely score 10/12 in this assignment. This is a sure way of earning a perfect Writing Score. Nevertheless, don’t hesitate to seek professional essay help if you need it to perfect your writing.

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