Essay Writing Types And Format: A Guide For Students

The writing of essays usually comes in different ways. Students seeking to excel in essay writing should therefore learn these various types of formats in order to score high grades. Several aspects count towards your final grade and one of them is definitely the style and format you will be using. Different types of essays will be written in different styles and therefore, it is high time you learnt how to differentiate between them. Here are some of the commonly used types in writing essays.

  1. Modern Language Association (MLA) style – this is the commonly used writing style for various essay types. This is basically due to its simplistic nature just like is an essay. Essays don’t have very many sections to write about as is the case with research papers. It will only need an introduction, a body and a conclusion. The MLA style doesn’t have a title page and therefore, writing starts from the first page where you have written your name, the name of your course, the course code and the date of submission. These details are usually written on the top left side of the first page. Once you have written the above details, your essay begins right below them.
  2. Next, you should include a header of your surname at the top right part of each page. Page numbers should also appear at this area. The other thing you need to ensure is well indicated in your MLA essay format is the referencing and citation bit. In-text referencing includes the surname of the author and the page when the information was picked from. For example, (James 45). At the end, have a works citation page where with sources written in this format: Surname, Other Names. Title of Source: Place of publication, publishing company. Date, Pages
  3. American Psychological Association (APA) style – this is yet another style that you can use in writing your essay. If you want to write an essay in this format, remember to have a title page unlike is the case with the MLA format. The title page should start from a third-way and be centered including details of your essay topic, your name, course code and title and the date of submission as well. You will need a running head at the top left side of your header running throughout the paper. In-text referencing includes the surname of the author and the date of publication such as {James, 2017}. Therefore, your writing starts at the next page of your paper. At the end of your paper, list your references in this format: Surname, initials of other names (Year of publication). Title of source: Place of publication, publishing company.

Additional Essay Writing formats
There are different other ways on how to write essays. Don’t hesitate to contact for further guidance on how to write and format your essays and check out this guide on how to cheat on WebAssign homework. There are styles such as Harvard, Oxford styles that your professor could ask you to use in your essay. This should not be a problem once you get the best professional to help you.

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