The Most Common Essay Types You Should Know Well

What is an essay? An essay is a piece of writing, mostly academic written based on a given topic and seeking to provide an assertion concerning the same in the end. Ideally, an essay has a certain objective and based on this, there different essay types that a student can write about. Generally, an essay usually has three broad sections: the introduction, the body and the conclusion. At the introduction section, you should introduce the topic of your essay and write a thesis statement – a statement that outlines the key thing that you will be talking about in the course of your writing. The body provides supporting evidence to the view taken on your essay. At the conclusion, you are expected to summarize and re-state your assertion based on the facts and information you have presented. Here are several types of essays that you will come across in the course of your learning:

  1. Personal statement essay – this is an essay that is written by students applying for college admission. This essay outlines a student’s background and current pursuits that need an environment as such as being sought after in order to thrive. To get admission, you should be able to write essays of this nature in a very organized and accurate way. Get professional assistance from to learn more.
  2. Informative essay – just like the name goes, an informative essay informs the reader about a certain thing or topic. Therefore, your writing revolves around informing your reader about what it is that you are writing and why is it important to learn about it.

  3. Persuasive essay – a persuasive essay is one of the many essay writing types that seeks to provide proof of something and persuade the reader about things that seem controversial or need clarification for acceptance. Persuasive essays should always be backed up with reliable information and data to make it credible and worth of reading.

  4. Argumentative essay – this type of essay takes the form of a debate and takes a position on two opposing opinions or matters. Your essay writer must argue both sides of the debate before taking one side of the argument. As you write, your essay should provide information for both sides and show why you prefer one side over the other. That is the reason it is known as an argumentative essay.

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There you have it – the different types of essays that you can write about. Get professional English essay help today and learn how to write a high-quality essay. There is a lot of help available from online platforms such as US Essay Writers. Today is an opportunity to meet the best writers and become professional too. You will even come across many other essay types that you may be requested to write about. This should not worry you once you get a reliable writing service packed with a pool of professional writers. Most importantly, you should learn how to approach an essay assignment in an orderly way, covering all sections!

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