SAT Essay Topics

Just like with other essays, great SAT essay topics make writing great essays possible and easy. An ideal topic for this essay enables you to focus on the reasoning of the author, their use of writing style, and evidence to support their argument. Basically, the new SAT version requires topics that enable writers to focus on analysis rather than argumentative writing.
Here is a list of great topics for SAT essay writing:

  1. Is education mostly a result of influence outside the classroom, such as parents, friends, sports teams or even TV?
  2. To write an essay based on such a topic, read the provided passage carefully then plan how to write it. Come up with a thesis statement that enables you to bring out the main argument of the author and provide examples of evidence and the used stylistic devices. Ideally, make sure that you understand the reasoning of the author and their position then explain these using examples from the provided passage.

  3. Is doing work that a person finds fulfilling more important than work that pays well?
  4. This is one of the most challenging topics for this essay. That’s because it’s not easy to write on such a topic without conveying your opinion. However, to write a SAT essay on this topic, read the passage carefully. Identify the position of the author and the evidence used to support the main argument. Also identify how the author uses stylistic and evocative language elements in the passage. Plan and draft an essay that brings out the opinion of the author while providing examples from the passage. Refrain from conveying your opinion on the topic.

  5. Can success be achieved by aiming at being perfect?
  6. Perfection is almost impossible to achieve. When prompted to write an essay on such a topic, don’t start writing it with your already pre-conceived ideas. Instead, read the provided passage carefully and thoroughly. Understand the claim or argument of the author. Come up with an outline that enables you to reveal how the author employs reasoning, stylistic devices and evocative language to elaborate and support their argument.

  7. Can we learn anything useful from stories and books about events and characters that are not real?
  8. You have most likely read books and heard stories about unreal events and characters. That means you already have an opinion about them. But, as a SAT essay writer, you must set your opinion aside and focus on the argument of the author of the provided passage. Come up with a plan that will enable you to bring out the argument of the author and provide examples from the passage to support your analysis.

  9. Does the modern world need creativity now than ever?
  10. Given a passage and this essay topic, focus on the point of view of the author. Identify their stand on this issue. Bring out their argument and show how they have used evidence to support it. Also provide examples from the passage to show how reasoning, linguistic and stylistic elements have been used to enhance the argument.

These are some of the most common essay writing topics for SAT. To improve your writing skills, use some of them to practice writing great essays.

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